Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yacht Holidays - Charter a Yacht for Yachting Holidays

Yacht holidays are a wonderful way to spend time together; yachting holidays will provide a timeless experience in a floating paradise, instilled with extraordinary moments that will be etched into your memory forever.

A week long yacht vacation must be enjoyable. Yacht charters offers amazing holidays; there are a wide range of activities offered these charter companies including: windsurfing, kite-surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and exploring the coasts.

When chartering a boat for a holiday there are many factors to consider other than the best sailing destinations. For instance on your holiday do you want a private independent company, a large charter company, is it crewed, would you like to hire a catamaran or a yacht, what is included in the price and most importantly what activities are available.

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Sailing Holidays
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Sailing Holidays

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yacht Wedding – Yacht Wedding Charters

Yachts are one of the popular wedding venues that attract a lot of interest among couples. We all know weddings are a very special occasion, a ceremony that embraces the civil union of couples; there is something especially magical about a yacht wedding. Marriages are flowing with romance; hence wedding yacht charters can give the elegance, glamour and all the exquisite style in having a nautical wedding. With the great water surrounding, you can easily get the perfect atmosphere on your yacht wedding charters.

You can rent a wedding yacht with your specific capacity of guests. One of the advantage of using wedding yacht as a venue is being able to use it as both for the ceremony and the reception. This means your guests don't have to worry themselves about finding the reception and parking.

Another advantage of having a yacht wedding is that it makes it much harder for anyone to crash your wedding. You might not have to struggle with the paparazzi following your every move. Getting married on a yacht certainly reduces those chances.

Yacht Wedding
Wedding Yacht Charters
Yacht Wedding Charters
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Super Yachts - Luxury Yachts and Super Yacht Charters

Super yachts, generally defined as luxury yachts over 80 feet in length, are the equivalent of floating private five star hotels. As the ultimate symbol of material success, the super yacht has long been the play-toy of the mega rich. It is not the type of vessel that can be sailed only by the owner and his friends and family. They have to be staffed by professional crews, even when for purely personal use. On a typical super yacht there are often three decks, a lower deck, main deck and an upper deck. Many of the larger vessels even have four or five decks. There may also be a sun deck. It will also have cabin provision for guests, as well as quarters for the crew and a separate cabin for the captain. Because of the size of this type of craft it will have room for an open air swimming pool, salon, sauna, steam room, cinema, disco, dining room, medical centre galley, gym and jacuzzi.

The Super Yacht charter market is growing fast, with more and more gorgeous yachts being launched every year. Yacht charter is the perfect way to enjoy a super yacht lifestyle without the costs and responsibilities of yacht ownership.

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Super Yachts
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BVI Charters - BVI Yacht Charter or Virgin Island Yacht Charters

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is nothing less than Paradise on Earth, if you're looking for the perfect location for your next yacht charter holiday, then you can consider booking yacht holiday in BVI. People come from all over the world to experience sailing on the exquisite turquoise blue waters of the BVI. The calm seas and line of sight navigation make them ideal for first time BVI yacht charters. There are many options for booking yacht charters in the BVI from bareboat yachts to crewed yacht charter. If you love spending your time out in the sun, you will happy to learn that you will be able to enjoy many water activities like snorkeling, sailing, diving and swimming there. Some of the locations in the BVI that you can visit are Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada. Apart from these islands, there are about fifty more islands and cays that you can also visit when you are in this region. All the islands in this region are just a few hours apart from each other. A trip to BVI on a yacht will be one of the best holidays of your life.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bahamas Yachts – Trips to Bahamas for Bahamas Yacht Charter Vacation

Bahamas is the 'land of 700 islands' and truly one of the most care-free escapes on the globe. There are many yacht charter companies available in Bahamas and Bahamas yacht charter is the best way to experience the unique biodiversity of these islands. While Bahamas yacht charter will offer you all the convenience and comfort of a hotel, while letting you take in all of the Bahamas. Full Service Marinas in the Bahamas provide first class amenities that enhance the charter experience for both the guests and crew. If you are looking for that perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, then trips to Bahamas is perfect for you.

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Bahamas Yacht Charters

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catalina Yachts - Sailboats for Adventure Ride

Catalina Yachts one of the popular kinds of sailboats for awesome adventure. It is the fantasy of most sailing fan to have the opportunity to own and operate their personal Catalina Yachts. If you were a car enthusiast then the Catalina Yachts represents the Lamborghini of sailing vessels.

Catalina Yachts is one of the largest boat manufacturers in the world. Catalina yachts represents one of the highest quality sailboats available to the public for quality yachting. Catalina yachts are huge and magnificent. On deck you will see the most modern in NavPod mounted electronics, such as GPS, autopilot, color chart plotter and VHF remote. In mast roller furling main sail and self tailing winches will convince your clients that this is a special machine. Catalina Yachts can be used in an assortment of different circumstances at sea, which means that they are versatile enough to withstand anything that the sea can throw your way. Normally even used Catalina Yachts models are more expensive than a new version of a different yacht as a result of this high requirement for quality.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Caribbean Yacht Charters - Luxury Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacations

Caribbean islands is one of the most exciting places you can bring yachts or for a private yacht vacations. Caribbean yacht vacations offer an extremely refreshing experience to a traveler. Spending a yachting holiday in a Caribbean charter yachts is the ultimate experience; there you can immerse yourself to all activities such as swimming, sailing and diving.

There are many different types of private yacht charters that you can choose from many different yacht charter companies. Most are between 30 and 50 feet long, but you can also choose a powerboat, a catamaran or a single hulled sailing yacht. Yachts charter is one of the thriving businesses in the Caribbean islands with more than 1,000 motor yachts as well as sailboats are being offered for plying on the seas on regular charter basis.

The easiest of the Caribbean yacht vacations to sail is to the Virgin Islands. The ideal time for planning a Caribbean yacht charter is in the month of February when the sea will be calm and the climate just perfect for sailing. A Caribbean yacht charter gives you the most convenient way of experiencing the Caribbean islands.

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